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Cryotherapy for Weight Loss: Why it Works

Why is whole body cryotherapy so effective for weight loss? The answer is multi-tiered…

During whole body cryotherapy the client is exposed to temperatures in the range of -120 to -145 Celsius. This translates to approximately -200 to -235 Fahrenheit. The process is not painful as the cold air is extremely dry—in the absence of moisture, extreme cold is very tolerable. We characterize it as numbing, as opposed to painful. It’s a very superficial cold—not bone-chilling at all. It’s much more tolerable than a wet, 40 degree day in New Jersey!

The exposure to extreme cold triggers the fight or flight process in humans. Our brains receive the signal from our skin that the air is extremely cold. The essence of whole body cryotherapy is that we can derive all of the benefits of the fight or flight process without actually being in any kind of danger. Since whole body cryotherapy sessions are limited to 3 minutes, there is no risk to clients from the cold.

The three ways in which whole body cryotherapy causes weight loss are related to our responses to the cold temperatures.

The first response is the sheer caloric burn. When your skin is cooled significantly (in the case of whole body cryotherapy, the skin cools to a temperature of roughly 35 degrees Fahrenheit) it takes a lot of energy to reheat. As a result, a single three minute whole body cryotherapy session can burn between 500 to 800 calories. These calories are not burned only during the 3 minute session—the full reheating process can take up to an hour so you continue to burn lots and lots of calories even after the treatment is over.

The second response is metabolic. A component of the fight or flight process is to increase the metabolic rate in an effort to create more energy. Your brain is very smart and part of the fight or flight process is to create this energy boost so that you are able to fight effectively or flee quickly from the perceived danger (in this case cold). This metabolic increase is an excellent tool for weight loss. Aging, hormonal imbalances, lifestyle—these can all decrease our metabolisms. Whole body cryotherapy is an excellent antidote—clients find that they are burning more calories passively for 3 to 6 days after a whole body cryotherapy session. In the long run, metabolism can be permanently increased with consistent treatments.

The final side effect of whole body cryotherapy that aids in weight loss is the triggered release of endorphins and other biochemicals. This is also part of the fight or flight process initiated by whole body cryotherapy. One of the biochemicals released is called alpha-MSH or alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone. This hormone has a very unique and valuable function: it suppresses appetite!! Many of our clients have noticed a significant decrease in their appetite following cryotherapy treatment.

Whole body cryotherapy is an extremely powerful tool for weight loss. The high calorie burn, the metabolic increase and the appetite suppression work together synergistically to stimulate weight loss in users. We have seen dramatic weight loss results from just 10 sessions.

Please consider whole body cryotherapy if you are searching for a weight loss tool. Chill Cryotherapy is located in Red Bank, New Jersey. We are open 7 days a week and have extremely flexible hours. We are always happy to create a customized weight loss protocol for our individual clients.

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