Announcing ChillSkin Anti-Aging and Tightening Treatment at ChillRx Cryotherapy Red Bank!

ChillSkin treatments utilize the Pagani Cryo T-Shock device to restore youthful vibrancy and tone to the skin on the face and body.

The device alternates hot and cold temperature to stimulate intensive new growth of collagen and elastin while improve lymphatic and blood flow in the skin.

Skin is instantly tighter, firmer, and radiant–results will continue to improve over 2 to 4 weeks after treatment!  Most clients have visible improvement after just one treatment!

ChillSculpt at Chill Cryotherapy offers you incredible value!

Same or better results compared to CoolSculpt:

  • Cheaper! Our treatments cost $300 each. CoolSculpt can be up to $1500 per treatment
  • No suction! So no discomfort during treatment and no frozen brick on the body after treatment!
  • No plates! So we can treat any area of the body, including the neck!


  • $750 for a 5 pack ($150 each)
  • $1250 for a 10 pack ($125 each, can be shared)

ChillSkin improves skin quality and health everywhere:

  • Face – lose wrinkles, tighten jowls, lines above lips and crow’s feet
  • Neck – tightens and firms the neck
  • Chest – get rid of wrinkles in between breasts and tighten chest
  • Arms – get rid of saggy skin, especially elbows
  • Legs (especially knees)

Treatments are 30 minutes and are pain-free – most people love the way it feels!

Call (732) 945-1320 to schedule your appointment – we offer treatments 7 days a week!
Frequently Asked Questions
Is ChillSkin safe?

Yes! Very! The ChillSkin cooling system is controlled by an electronic temperature sensor which delivers temperature readings in real time.

Your ChillSkin provider is highly trained in safety and treatments to ensure that your skin never gets damaged. The key to safety with any aesthetic treatment is training. Our technicians constantly keep the handpiece moving on your skin and monitor your skin temperature to ensure that your skin never gets too cold.

How long is a ChillSkin Treatment?

ChillSkin treatments to the face and neck last approximately 30 minutes. Allow 45 minutes for your appointment in order to fill out paperwork and get settled in the room.

When will I see ChillSkin results?

Most clients experience visible results after the first treatment. The skin will appear smoother with fine lines and wrinkles visibly reduced. The client will have a gorgeous healthy glow and the skin with be tighter—with less puffiness and inflammation. Skin tone will be more even with redness diminished.

A regimen of 4 to 6 treatments will lead to permanent changes in the skin including increased collagen and elastin—so the skin with be tighter (like a mini-facelift) and more elastic. The pores will be invisible. Sagging, drooping skin will be lifted. Overall a more youthful appearance will be visible in every way!

How many sessions will I need?

In order to achieve long-lasting and highly visible results, we recommend 4 to 6 ChillSkin treatments. For clients seeking improvement in loose and sagging skin, wrinkles and lines and significant skin tightening we recommend a minimum of 5 treatments.

For clients looking for a one time boost in their appearance for a special event we recommend a single ChillSkin treatment called the FaceLift. This 30 minute treatment works wonders leaving skin looking glowing, dewy, youthful and very healthy!

What is the recommended frequency of treatments?
What is the Pricing?
  • Single Treatment: $175
  • 5 Pack: $750 ($150 each, cannot be shared)
  • 10 Pack: $1250 ($125 each, can be shared)
How Does ChillSkin differ from CryoFacial?
  • ChillSkin applies both hot and cold temperature to shock skin tissue into stimulating collagen and elastin. The application of hot and cold temperature causes a significant temperature deviation which hyperstimulates skin tissue to produce collagen & elastin.
  • ChillSkin’s use of heat immediately improves blood and lymphatic flow in the treatment area.
  • The ChillSkin handpiece allows both the hot and cold temperature to more deeply penetrate the skin tissue than CryoFacial. Thermal shock stimulates collagen and elastin production deep below the skin’s surface which is where additional tightening and toning to the skin occurs.
What does ChillSkin include?

Each ChillSkin treatment includes pre- and post-treatment add-ons for no additional charge. These additional treatments enhance the effects of ChillSkin helping clients achieve their objectives and add significant value!

Pre-Treatment: One 4 minutes CryoFacial. This primes the skin for the hot-cold thermal shock.

Post-Treatment: 30 minutes Celluma treatment (either anti-aging or acne settings). This low level light therapy treatment continues to stimulate the skin to produce collagen, elastin and to suppress the appearance of wrinkles and lines.

Does ChillSkin hurt?

The treatment is painless, with some clients describing it as rather pleasant. Since most ChillSkin treatments utilize heat in addition to cold, clients are usually not uncomfortable. Give feedback to your provider if you feel uncomfortably cold or hot during the treatment.

Where can ChillSkin be applied?
  • Face
  • Under the eyes, on the eyelids, upper lip, chin, cheeks, crow’s feet
  • Neck
  • Chest/Decollete
Who cannot do ChillSkin?
  • Individuals receiving chemotherapy
  • Individuals with swollen, infected or inflamed areas of the skin
  • Individuals with cold allergy
What do I get with my ChillSculpt treatment?

**ChillSculpt offers whole body cryotherapy after every treatment to increase fat burn!  Whole body cryotherapy will help our clients to lose weight, in addition to losing localized areas of fat and cellulite.

** ChillSculpt offers a 10 minute vibration session followed by a 30 minute compression treatment after every treatment.

**ChillSculpt offers 14 days of whole body cryotherapy in between ChillSculpt treatments. We charge just $99 for these treatments. This add-on will significantly improve client outcomes as cryotherapy burns the detoxified fat so it will permanently leave the body!

These post-treatment therapies enhance ChillSculpt effects, maximizing client satisfaction, outcomes and value!!

What should I do after my ChillSkin treatment?
  1. We would like you to have a 30 minute Celluma anti-aging low level light therapy treatment.
  2. Your skin is very absorptive and ready to receive nutrients after ChillSkin. Please apply your favorite skin care products to maximum your results.
  3. Hydrate!
Can I treat more than one area with ChillSkin?

Yes! Many clients will treat their face, neck and chest during the same appointment.

What are post-treatment side effects?
  1. You may experience some redness in the treated area. This should subside within a few hours. You should be able to return to normal activities right away.
  2. Itchiness may occur but this is very rare. It can be a good sign as itchiness is a symptom of cellular change…meaning your skin may be building collagen and elastin and receiving more blood and lymphatic flow!
Who can benefit from ChillSkin?
  • Anyone who wants to improve the health and appearance of their skin. ChillSkin can treat all kinds of skin—fair, medium and African American skin. ChillSkin leaves all skin tones with improved blood and lymphatic flow, more collagen and elastin, higher skin and tissue metabolism and tighter, tauter more youthful looking skin!
  • Women and men over age 35 who are looking to prevent skin aging.
  • Women and men over age 35 who are looking to reverse existing skin aging.
  • Women and men who have lost weight and have loose or saggy skin.
  • Women and men with loose skin on their necks (turkey neck) due to age, weight loss or genetics.
  • Women and men who want to look great for an event! Weddings, vacations, selfies and more!
  • Women and men who are looking to tone and tighten the skin on their face, neck and chest.
How long will ChillSkin results last?

If you complete a 6 treatment protocol you can expect the improved collagen and elastin to be visible for several years. Aging and sun exposure will continue (be sure to wear sunscreen!) so we do recommend maintenance treatments to maintain good results and to prevent future aging and damage.

Single treatments may last up to a few weeks or months.

Does ChillSkin treat men and women the same?

No! Men and women have different skin so ChillSkin protocols vary according to sex in terms of time, temperature and degree of thermal shock applied.

Before & After Photos

ChillSkin Before and After Photos

ChillSkin Before and After Photos

ChillSkin Before and After Photos

ChillSkin Before and After Photos

ChillSkin Before and After Photos