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GainsWAVE – 12 treatments

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  • GainsWave is a safe, comfortable and proven procedure for men to optimize sexual performance and to reverse the effects of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) due to poor blood flow.
  • GainsWave utilizes low intensity sound waves to improve blood flow to the penis.
  • The sound waves repair aged blood vessels, stimulate growth of new blood vessels and remove decades of micro-plaque.
  • GAINSWave uses a specific protocol designed to optimize efficacy, safety and results.
  • We recommend applying numbing cream 45 minutes prior to treatment.
  • We will call in prescription for the cream for you or you can use our cream for your first treatment.
  • Treatments take approximately 25 minutes.
  • ChillRx GainsWave providers are trained directly by GainsWave and have a 96% success rate.
  • Treatments never expire so buy now and use anytime!
  • Recommended frequency is one time per week for 12 weeks.