Frequently Asked Questions

Is whole body cryotherapy safe?

Whole body and local cryotherapy are very safe. The vapor inside the cryosauna is ambient air that has been chilled with liquid nitrogen. Nitrogen is non-toxic and is heavier than air so nitrogen vapors remain below the rim of the cryosauna. Clients never dip their heads below the rim of the cryosauna during treatment.

The cryosauna door is always open–it does not ever lock and can easily be pushed open with minimal effort at any time during treatment. Clients may exit the cryosauna at any time during treatment if they become anxious or uncomfortable.
The CRYO Arctic cryosauna used by Chill Cryotherapy Red Bank is the safest cryosauna in the industry and has a maximum session length of 3 minutes. This time limit can never be exceeded–the machine will automatically turn off after 3 minutes. Many thousands of sessions have been performed in the CRYO Arctic cryosauna worldwide. The advanced design and manufacture of the CRYO Arctic cryosauna ensures that every session is consistent and safe.
Chill Cryotherapy in Red Bank, New Jersey minimizes any risk of frostbite by ensuring that our clients are 100 percent dry for treatment. We provide dry socks and gloves for use in the cryosauna as well as hair dryers and towels in the dressing rooms. Clients must also remove all metal from their bodies as it becomes extremely cold during cryotherapy.

How many whole body and/or local cryotherapy sessions should I do?

The optimal number of cryotherapy sessions is dependent on each client’s health and wellness objectives:

  • For healthy individuals looking to enhance physical and mental performance, research has shown that 10 whole body cryotherapy sessions yields the most effective results. It is recommended that clients complete an initial 10 sessions within a 3.5 week period (3 sessions weekly). After completing an initial 10 sessions, we will evaluate client progress toward their objectives and recommend a maintenance package (discounted) to sustain and perpetuate benefits.
  • For clients looking to boost a sluggish metabolism and to lose weight, we recommend ten sessions to be used in 2 weeks (5 sessions weekly). After completing ten sessions, we will evaluate client’s progress toward weight goals and suggest continued intensity or maintenance protocol.
  • For individuals with specific health concerns (such as injuries, arthritis, MS, auto-immune disorders, Lyme, depression, migraines and many others) research has shown that a more intensive protocol is required. We recommend completing an initial ten sessions within a 2 week period (5 times weekly). After 10 sessions we can evaluate client’s progress and recommend continued intensity or maintenance protocol
  • For local cryotherapy, including CryoFacial, best results are achieved with a ten pack series. Ten sessions effectively addresses inflammation and pain relief and will activate collagen production. Ten sessions is the minimum number of sessions to see visual reduction in acne, superficial scaring and fine lines and wrinkles.
We are happy to discuss individual health concerns and will customize a treatment protocol to maximize your health and wellness recovery. Consistent on-going cryotherapy use will prolong the benefits and eventually, can create permanent health, fitness and beauty improvements.

What should I wear during a cryotherapy treatment?

Men must wear underwear or shorts or a bathing suit while in the whole body cryotherapy machine.

Women may be completely naked in the machine (and it is recommended).
Both men and women must remove metal from the exterior of their bodies–small earrings may stay on along with thin bracelets and rings (because all clients wear glove during treatment and are not going to get cold if covered). If you have metal on your body that cannot be removed, please inform your cryotechnician and he or she will provide you with an ace bandage or bandaids to cover the metal.
All clients must ensure that they are dry when they enter the cryotherapy machine. Chill Cryotherapy provides hair dryers and towels to ensure that clients are dry before treatment. If you use the bathroom prior to treatment, please thoroughly dry your hands. Any residual moisture should be dried off.

What is local cryotherapy?

Chill Cryotherapy in Red Bank uses the Kriosan local cryotherapy machine for local treatments and CryoFacials. The Kriosan chills air with liquid nitrogen to approximately -240F and creates pressurized vapor for targeted areas. Local treatment provides an immediate decrease in internal swelling, pain and inflammation. Targeted areas include shoulder, knee, wrist, ankle, hip, knee, neck and other areas. CryoFacial focuses on the face, neck, chest and if requested, scalp.

Is whole body cryotherapy the same as an ice bath?

Cryotherapy is a more advanced, efficient form of ice therapy: ice baths can last up to 20 minutes, are painful and damaging to the skin. Ice baths involve actual tissue-freezing which can cause stiffness and immobility. In contrast, whole body cryotherapy lasts only 3 minute, is not painful and does not freeze tissue. In fact, after whole body or local cryotherapy, mobility is improved, along with reduced inflammation and pain. Cryotherapy tricks the brain into thinking it is hypothermic which triggers it’s anti-inflammatory, analgesic and metabolic benefits.

What is the minimum age for cryotherapy?

The minimum age for cryotherapy is 13 years old. Individuals under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian in order to receive cryotherapy.

Is whole body cryotherapy painful?

Most clients are surprised to feel how tolerable a session is given the extreme temperatures. The reason for this is that the cryosauna generates a “dry cold”, which is much more comfortable than a damp, wet cold like an ice bath or winter day. Clients wear socks, leather clogs and gloves while in the cryosauna which keeps hands and feet comfortably insulated and warm.

I am claustrophobic. Can I use whole body cryotherapy?

Yes, you may. The door is never locked and you may open the door at any time with minimal exertion. The chamber glass window can be lowered to any comfortable height and the cryo technician can communicate with you throughout the sessions.

Should I exercise before or after cryotherapy?

Booking a cryotherapy session at our Red Bank, New Jersey location before exercise or a race/event will heighten both your physical and mental performance by improving blood flow and oxygenation, boosting the metabolic rate and activating adrenaline and endorphin release. You will have more energy, stamina and less pain.

Cryotherapy after athletic exertion will speed muscle healing, cell renewal and recovery while reducing inflammation and pain. Ideally, you should utilize cryotherapy both before and after important athletic events.
All clients are recommended to engage in 5 to 10 minutes of light exercise post-cryotherapy treatment. This will stabilize your body’s temperature as well as promote vasodilatation (expansion of the body’s blood vessels). Movement will induce more rapid vasodilatation of the vessels and capillaries and can extend the period of analgesia as well as feelings of well being.

What are the risks of whole body cryotherapy?

Whole Body Cryothherapy is very well tolerated and has minimal risks. Side effects include:

  • Fluctuations in blood pressure during the treatment by up to 10 points systolically (this effect reverses after the end of the procedure, as peripheral circulation returns to normal)
  • Allergic reaction to extreme cold (rare), redness, and skin burn (the result of moisture on the body).
  • Heart rate will increase during cryotherapy approximating that experienced during moderate exercise.
  • Individuals who are cleared for moderate exercise by their physicians are candidates for whole body cryotherapy treatment.
Is there parking available near ChillRx Cryotherapy Red Bank?

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